Wood Fireplaces

Ithaca Stove Works offers a wide variety of Fireplaces from the traditional design to the ultra-modern contemporary style. We offer products from manufacturers like: Heat & Glo, Majestic and RSF.
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Behind the elegantly shaped doors of the Opel burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire.For more details visit our store or explore www.icc-rsf.com.

Lennox Wood Fireplace
LennoxRegardless of your décor or your heating needs there is a fireplace from Lennox Hearth Products that will fit your home perfectly. From gas- and wood-burning to electric fireplaces, you have a long list of choices.

For more details visit our store or explore www.lennoxhearthproducts.com/products/fireplaces/wood/.

Temp CastYou may have heard these unique heaters referred to as masonry stoves or Russian stoves – they are also known as Russian heaters, German tiled stoves (kachelöfen and grundöfen), Finnish masonry stoves or Finnish contra-flow fireplaces. Masonry, or “thermal mass”  heaters  offer many benefits such as unmatched performance, improved indoor air quality, healthy heating and reduced environmental impact. We are proud to introduce you to the Temp-Cast family of affordable, fully modular wood-fired masonry heaters – fireplaces that work!

Heat n Glo
Wood fireplaces are ideal if you like a rugged approach to your fireplace. You’ll find that here, but you’ll also find choices with more innovation than you might think.For more details visit our store or explore www.heatnglo.com.


Whether you are looking at a new fireplace for your existing home, adding some atmosphere to your corporate office, or building a new green structure from the ground up, Majestic offers you some of the most efficient and beautiful hearth products available today.For more details visit our store or explore www.majesticproducts.com.